We partner closely with our clients on initiatives that address growth imperatives and needs to satisfy strategic goals. We analyze the crucial challenges that business leaders contemplate and build growth agendas for improved execution tailored to your organization’s unique capabilities and challenges.

Our knowledge of market dynamics and factors, along with our extensive business strategy experience, allows us to provide the fact-based insight that leaders need to make educated decisions at the enterprise or business unit level.

Specific services include:

Long-term strategic planning – develop mission and vision statements, SWOT analysis, strategic themes, and detailed implementation roadmaps for tactical decisions.

Market sizing and competitive intelligence – analyze and help answer questions that will influence a company’s decision to enter a market or pursue growth opportunities and how to do it, such as strategic opportunity size, total addressable market, barriers to entry, and key competitors.

Strategy mapping – identify and address gaps in organization capabilities necessary to achieve desired strategic goals.

Channel strategy – determine the right channels with the right mix of products, services, pricing, and promotions to reach customers and drive sales.

Portfolio optimization – optimize portfolios of products or subsidiary companies for alignment with overall business goals.

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