We help our clients translate business strategy into sales strategy to achieve the alignment necessary to meet their objectives. We leverage a unique combination of deep expertise at the intersection of sales effectiveness, go-to-market strategy, and industry trends to develop  sales strategies that position our clients for success.

Our data analytics and behavioral science capabilities enable us to build customer, sales team and market opportunities to unlock sales growth.

Specific sales strategy services include:

Strategic Alignment – clarify business strategy and translate it to a sales strategy that aligns with your business model, market priorities, and capabilities.

Market Sizing – analyze and help answer questions that will influence the pursuit of growth opportunities and how to do it, such as strategic opportunity size, total addressable market, barriers to entry, key competitors, and sales channels and motions.

Customer Segmentation & Retention – investigate account buying characteristics to create segmentation models, ideal customer profiles, buying personas, and pricing strategies. Develop models to predict customer behavior, growth, and retention.

Channel Strategy & Sales Motions – determine the right channels with the right mix of products, services, pricing, promotions, and sales motions to reach customers and drive sales.

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