We help our clients optimize sales execution by creating a customized sales organization design suited to the company’s and customer’s needs. Our data analytics and behavioral science capabilities enable us to engineer responsibilities and customer interactions that maximize sales productivity. We produce adaptable and easily configurable deployment models to account for future changes to stay ahead of the curve.

Specific sales organization services include:

Sales Organization Structure – align capabilities and core processes for improved execution and articulate expected sales function behaviors.

Sales Role Design – apply go-to-market and channel strategy to determine role expectations, high-performance requirements, rules of engagement, and sales competency models.

Sales Process Mapping & Design – investigate how various roles interact in the sales process and re-engineer responsibilities and interactions to maximize sales productivity, cross-selling opportunities, and results.

Resource Deployment & Coverage Models­ – determine how best to deploy sales team members and develop resource models to support growth.

Territory Balancing & Customer Account Planning  – develop new conceptual design options to address inefficient territory sizes, configurations, and overlapping boundaries, then realign and reconfigure territories and accounts based on desired outcomes.

Sales Operations Optimization – uncover gaps in the sales process, and where sales resources are over-and under-weighted to develop plans to optimize sales operations

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