We help our clients develop the systems and processes that capture the voice of the customer to bring better visibility to the characteristics, behavior, and value of different customer groups. We translate these insights into specific actions that provide the best possible customer experience for the right investment level.

Our approach to creating excellent customer engagement blends operational tactics combined with behavioral science expertise. We make sure the technical solution is not only possible but actionable by your people within the context of your market, business, and operating model.

Our customer engagement solutions include:

Voice of Customer – identify market and segment trends, prospect needs, and buying behavior through advanced diagnostics. Develop actions based on analysis and employ customer listening strategies to measure and monitor the customer experience.

Customer Segmentation – investigate account buying characteristics to create segmentation models, ideal customer profiles, buying personas, and pricing strategies. Develop models to predict customer behavior, growth, and retention.

Customer Data & Analytics – develop prospect scoring, real-time customer health metrics, and account and team management dashboards.

Customer Experience Optimization – map customer journeys and engagement strategies. Improve sales and service interactions through roles, responsibilities, and resource clarification, and sales team organization design.

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