Despite the proliferation of HR applications to support the employee experience, and the promise of artificial intelligence to revolutionize people-related decisions, many organizations find themselves challenged to access data from core systems let alone generate analytics to guide business decisions.  

We work with Leaders in IT, HR, Finance in the business to unlock the value in their people data and make better decisions about the workforce.  Specific services include:

  • Establishing a people data strategy and governance model 
  • Building data science capabilities and standing-up enterprise people analytics teams 
  • Developing and implementing people analytics dashboards in enterprise environments using tools like Tableau, Microsoft Power BI and Azure and other cloud-based tools 
  • Leveraging data science techniques like artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect bias and understand data patterns and predict trends before they impact the business 
  • Designing and implementing people data and work taxonomies to enable workforce supply and demand analytics and the talent marketplace capability
  • Building a people-data model that can be linked to financial, operational and customer outcomes

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