We approach restructuring and cost reduction initiatives with a highly data-driven approach that unlocks value by aligning spend to your unique differentiators and growth drivers while containing costs otherwise. Our highly experienced team then deploys our suite of tools to identify hot spots in the organization to deliver cost savings without eroding critical capabilities. Finally, we work collaboratively with executives to transform their organizations into well-oiled machines that achieve truly sustainable cost advantage.

We help our clients:

  • Realign cost structure to the business differentiators through divestment, consolidation, outsourcing, and smart exits.
  • Optimize costs within the existing structures to free up resources for higher-value activities/investments.
  • Build an operating model that stays lean, agile, and continuously reallocates spend over time.

Some of our Strategic Cost Transformation services include:

Product Portfolio & SKU Rationalization – examine product and service line profitability and underlying costs for targeted cost improvements and line rationalization.

Strategic Market Analysis – understand which processes positively contribute to your firm’s performance to utilize your processing footprint and networks more advantageously.

Cost-to-Serve & Tiered Services Model Analysis – determine which customers are the costliest to serve while designing and deploying service models that deliver more appropriately aligned to customer value contribution.

Process Optimization – improve the base operational setup to increase efficiency, reduce waste, and set new standards for employee productivity and job satisfaction.

Strategic Sourcing – reduce third-party spend by standardizing materials, managing demand, and strategically sourcing from the marketplace.

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