Merging existing companies — with their own leadership, structure, culture, and processes — is a complex process with numerous potential pitfalls. As many as half of all mergers underperform. For a merger to reach its potential, the integration needs to be managed like a major business transformation, beginning with the definition of business goals and metrics.

We use our business transformation capabilities to help acquisitive clients maintain business momentum, take advantage of synergy opportunities, and build an optimal organization and culture to support the success of the new combined organization.

We help clients:

  • Create a structured integration approach fortified with a process cadence, tools, and dedicated organization.
  • Design and implement strategies and methods to improve engagement, the employee experience, and culture.
  • Determine future operating model and roadmap to build up the organization.
  • Pressure test equity case assumptions with an eye on creating significant value.
  • Tailor our battle-tested, function-by-function integration workbooks based on your specific processes, needs, and priorities.

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