To succeed in today’s rapidly changing business environment your organization must frequently and quickly adapt.  Organizational complexity and rigid bureaucracies create unwanted drag that will undermine even the best strategic plan. 

We help our clients create an operating model and organization design using a data driven yet collaborative approach to establish the connective tissue between their strategy and execution. We eliminate complex organization structures, clarify how and where accountabilities and decisions should be executed across the organization, and align teams and processes to unlock value. The results are more agile, efficient, and effective organizations.

Our work can help your business achieve a new performance trajectory by:

  • Aligning business areas to value creation and clarifying accountabilities.
  • Enhancing the speed of execution and the quality of decision making.
  • Breaking down silos to increase collaboration and innovation.
  • Removing excessive organizational layers and complexity.

Recent Client Results

  • Achieved $80M from new product innovation and realized $95M cost savings through a flatter, leaner organization that enhanced agility and speed to execute strategic priorities.​  Automotive Solutions Leader
  • Redesigned a global manufacturing organization to improve strategy execution while simultaneously restructuring geographic business units and consolidating support functions resulting in approximately $10M in annual savings and a 250-basis point increase in organic growth. –Global Industrials Leader
  • Reallocated $100M in IT capacity to growth initiatives through a 5-year IT strategy, supporting organization structure and change strategy that transformed the work of the IT function from technology delivery to services and solutions delivery. – Fortune 500 Industrial

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