Attitudes and behaviors during a typical change pose a threat to the success of a transformation. Organizations see change as a sprint versus a marathon and focus on gaining compliance instead of commitment. Achieving sustained value requires a deliberate approach to managing change that is grounded in evidence-based practices.

Our approach to change management accelerates the expected results of change, reduces performance gaps, and embeds new ways of working through methods grounded in behavioral science. We design change programs to secure commitment and drive new behaviors, design and implement new processes and work systems, and equip the organization to operate successfully in the new environment.

Successful change requires both deliberately operationalizing the change and making the change stick through careful management of assumptions and beliefs. We can help your organization generate sustained value from organizational initiatives by:

  • Creating confidence in the promise of change through defining how the organization must operate differently in the future to capture the expected value of a change.
  • Analyzing and segmenting stakeholders based on their change impact and readiness, in order to anticipate barriers to success and tailor change management tactics on a group and individual basis.
  • Helping leaders drive change and embed new behaviors.
  • Building new skills and capabilities in the workforce by designing targeted learning and implementation programs.
  • Driving program execution and coordination, change management, and risk management through an integrated program management (PMO) infrastructure.

Recent Client Results

  • Transformed the client service model by moving transactional service-oriented work out of branch offices and into a centralized, technology-enabled function, expected to net $40M in annual savings.​  – National Insurance Brokerage
  • Improved speed-to-market and delivered an 11% CAGR as the result of a multi-year global sales, products, and technology transformation. – Financial Services Firm
  • Designed global organization while simultaneously restructuring business to exit poor-performing countries and consolidate support functions, resulting in $10M savings and significant revenue and EBITDA growth. – Global Manufacturing

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