We believe achieving great is no accident; it takes a purposeful and deliberate organization-wide approach to become reality. We help create an environment in which the urgency and criticality of strategic intent is bridged into effective and efficient execution, and a motivated workforce. 

Organizations spend immense time, money and effort setting strategy, but often neglect to equip their teams and people with what they need to execute.  For a strategy to be successful, every team must not only understand what the strategy is, but also how they will contribute to it by driving aligned and measurable outcomes. 

Techniques such as Objectives and Key Results (OKR) provide a common vehicle and language by which organizations can define what is important, focus on the things that matter, and create a sense of real accountability. 

Our deep results expertise can help your business to deliver on its bold strategic ambitions by:

  • Designing and launching the OKR or V2MOM results methodology that provides a common ‘performance operating language’ to drive a culture of alignment and accountability through the entire organization
  • Coaching executive, operational, and cross-functional teams in repeatedly setting high-quality, focused and aligned objectives, and to identify realistic measurable outcomes
  • Operationalizing results habits in leadership, teams, and individuals to accelerate execution and maximize the value of work time
  • Leveraging technology platforms effectively to rebalance leader and manager effort away from administration and towards achievement

Recent Client Results  

Re-focused leadership on the most promising new business opportunities by setting and measuring objectives and outcome-based key results, and developing a cadence to rapidly surface and resolve risks and issues in execution – High-Tech Manufacturing

Instituted and embedded the OKR results technique to drive team focus on the most critical stakeholder outcomes and to remove unnecessary and duplicative work which was not driving value – Major Hospital Network

Aligned day-to-day operations, management attention, and monetary investment with the strategic priorities by instilling results-first operational cadence and culture – Financial Trading Company

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