The best strategies and organization designs fall flat without populating them with high performing sales and customer success teams. Each step in the employee lifecycle presents an opportunity to build a high performing team that can contribute to stronger sales results. For example, hiring the right sales talent with an effective process that includes validated assessments for critical role profiles and competency models that clarify what good looks like can make a real difference. Once you have the talent in the door, you can drive even better results by improving the enablement and engagement of the sales team.

Consider the interactions and effectiveness of sales and account management teams: how does the customer experience your teams and how do your teams drive growth? Organizations often have a misunderstanding of actual productivity or behaviors, leading to challenges in improving team performance. But what if you could connect data you already have (ERP, CRM, digital exhaust, etc.) with performance outputs to identify the behaviors that drive real business outcomes across your people and the teams they comprise? Meaningful growth can be achieved by turning insights in action, as one client realized when our tools predicted with 80% accuracy which customers might churn. link to Orgaimi

Sales people want and expect to be rewarded fairly for their contributions. This requires frequent review and assessment of quota-setting process. It also means companies must set pay-mix, compensation levels, and incentive designs that motivate and reward for performance.
We help organizations get the most out of their people and teams.

Specific services include:

  • Sales team high-performer assessments
  • Success profiles & sales competency models
  • Sales performance management and analytics
  • Team dynamics and team effectiveness
  • Quota-setting
  • Sales compensation & incentive design

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