Just as strategic plans are necessary to establish the rules of the road for how to allocate capital to win in a chosen market or deliver on the mission, a talent strategy outlines how an organization directs resources to the roles and people that will create the largest impact and competitive advantage. 

Too often talent strategy is an afterthought until well intentioned strategic plans run-aground due to workforce capability gaps and talent shortages or the wrong leaders. The fact that business models also change at a rate never seen before, setting the right talent strategy has never been more important.

Unlike template approaches, we approach talent strategy from a business-first perspective. Breaking down strategic plans into the differentiating capabilities, roles and skills needed from leadership to the frontline to deliver results.  Our process leverages your internal data and external data sources along with artificial intelligence and scenario planning techniques to enable leaders to take clear and decisive actions related to ensure the to drive business results. 

Specific services we offer: 

  • Designing and implementing talent strategies that align with business need, can adapt to business scenarios, and will direct investments and actions and people 
  • Aligning and building talent management capabilities, programs, processes, and tools 
  • Developing and executing workforce plans that are grounded in internal and external labor market analytics 
  • Designing and implementing capabilities, such as talent acquisition, to drive the talent strategy 
  • Crafting “future of work” strategies including workforce location strategies using economic modeling and upskilling / reskilling 
  • Assessing the employee value proposition, engagement and the employment brand using data science and behavioral science techniques
  • Design and implementation of strategies and methods to to improve engagement, the employee experience and culture through behavioral science

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