Are We Right for You?

We are each looking for specific things in the organization we ultimately choose to join, and if our needs are met we are likely to be engaged and performing at our highest levels.

To help you decide if we might offer what you are looking for, we asked our people why they joined our firm, and what makes it a unique place to work. Here is what they had to say:

  1. A Big Vision: We have grown significantly every year, allowing us to better serve our clients through increasingly transformative engagements. Our future vision calls for continued growth, which will allow us to expand the clients we serve and the capabilities we can offer them. We think we’re building something really special, and being part of a successful team that dreams big is a major reason we enjoy working together.
  2. Stellar Client Portfolio: Most consultants get great satisfaction from the relationships they foster with clients and the impact they help create within their organizations. At Axiom Consulting Partners, we know that our clients’ success enables our success, so that is where we focus our time and attention. Here’s a revolutionary example: we don’t charge fees based on billable hours, which keeps us focused on doing the right thing for our clients. Learn more about our clients here.
  3. Complex Client Problems: There may be easier careers than management consulting, yet that is exactly why a particular type of person chooses such a profession. Applying critical thinking, drawing on rich experiences and collaborating with talented colleagues enable us to solve the most complicated of business problems. No two clients are the same, no two days alike and no two challenges identical. Learn more about the work we do here.
  4. Professional Development: Axiom Consulting Partners is a true meritocracy, so it is up to you how fast and far you go in your career and professional development. We are dedicated to “getting better together,” which means continuously building our individual and collective capabilities. We all look for opportunities to grow and learn from each other and our clients, while our open and collaborative working environment encourages knowledge sharing and skills transfer. We each have a coach whose efforts help us define and achieve our development goals. And we focus on seeking and giving productive feedback regularly, which helps each of us get better every day.
  5. Focus & Agility: Large professional services firms are great. In fact, we count many of the world’s leading professional services firms as our clients. But we offer many things that these firms simply cannot. For example, we are completely focused on building a world-class management consulting firm with no competing professional services practices. Not required to report quarterly numbers to shareholders, we can play the “long game” when making strategic choices, staying focused at all times on what really matters in this business—our clients. And we can build an ownership mentality, make quick decisions, change direction based on new opportunities and emerging threats, transparently share all financial and commercial information with everyone in the firm and treat our colleagues more like friends and less like numbers. We believe this level of focus and agility is especially appealing to our people and to those who might be interested in joining us.
  6. Competitive Compensation & Benefits: We believe in rewarding people in accordance with the value they provide to our clients and the firm. Our overall compensation structure is extremely competitive, geared to investing in our people more than in trophy offices or ego-driven marketing campaigns. We also believe that the last thing our people should be worried about is healthcare, so we invest in the highest standards of healthcare for everyone in our firm.

If it sounds like Axiom Consulting Partners might be right for you, take some time to evaluate whether you might be what we’re looking for…

Are You Right for Us?

There is nothing worse than going through a long selection process and joining an organization only to quickly realize that things are unlikely to work out—not good for anyone, and something we want to help you avoid. We have learned that it takes a unique combination of skills, knowledge, experience, and personality to really thrive in the work that we do and with the clients we serve. Learn more about our people.

We can say a lot about our people, but we think our clients have the most important perspective on us because they experience working and engaging with us each and every day. Take a moment to hear some of our clients describe what it is like to work with us.

We have a very diverse team in all sorts of ways, but there are some common characteristics that are important to our people and the culture we strive to create. If the following resonate, you may be a good fit:

  1. Uncommon Talent: Our people work side-by-side with senior client executives helping them solve their most challenging business problems. To do this requires a rare combination of business acumen, critical thinking and professional presence, as well as subject matter expertise and well-honed consulting abilities. Learn more about the industries we serve, services we provide and what we look for in candidates.
  2. Entrepreneurial Mindset: We are very focused on growing our business and expanding our market presence. Our people think big and want to be part of building something unique. We like to find new and better ways of doing things all the time and we encourage everyone to actively participate in firm building activities including marketing, thought leadership, recruitment and internal talent development. Everyone owns shares in the firm, which helps to cultivate an ownership mentality.
  3. Values Matter: We rely on principles more than policies to guide our behaviors and decisions, so our values are really important to us. They guide how we work with clients and our daily interactions with each other. We not only annually revisit our values and drivers of our business, but we recognize incorporate them into our annual performance review process, recognizing team members that live these values to the fullest on a regular basis. Please take the time to learn more about our seven values–Client, Insight, Collaboration, Openness, Balance, Growth and Boldness.
  4. Relaxed Professionalism: Our clients tell us that we are extremely professional and polished, yet also easy to work with and comfortable being ourselves. We are confident and assertive, but never arrogant. We believe that having the highest standards and having fun are not mutually exclusive. Our people are open-minded, inquisitive and always interested in learning new things. We help our clients and colleagues, and we genuinely enjoy their company.
  5. Organizational Maturity: We try to focus on things that matter and not on the things that don’t. We like to have fun, dislike office politics, encourage transparency, don’t have many rules, and discourage hierarchy. But when it comes to our clients and our culture, we are very focused in terms of what we are trying to do and how we go about doing it. All this helps make Axiom Consulting Partners a refreshing, modern and mature place to work.

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