Zach Jacobson, Manager

Zach employs rich analytical capabilities on every project. He has a strong belief that research, and data analytics are key factors in bringing forth better client solutions for accelerating their profitable growth. Most recently he has partnered with professional service firms, insurance brokerages, CPG companies, health systems and global manufacturers spanning the Americas and EMEA. He joined Axiom Consulting Partners in April 2016 following a seven-month internship while completing his business degrees.


Prior to joining Axiom Consulting Partners, Zach had a two-year internship at a global immigration firm in their Finance and Accounting department. Working at this small start-up, Zach took on many responsibilities, including developing common practice processes. While reporting directly to the CEO, CFO and head of accounting he gained valuable insights into the “big picture” of business.

Recently, Zach has also joined the board of a non-for-profit called The Chicago Quarter Fund. He is a key member in driving the strategic thinking to improve financial stability for their beneficiaries.


Zach earned dual Bachelor of Science degrees in Finance, and Business Management with an emphasis on Entrepreneurship from DePaul University in Chicago, IL.

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Personal Note

The complex challenges facing our clients intrigue me. For example, helping increase the effectiveness of a client’s sales force or raising levels of employee engagement are rewarding both for me and our clients. In my free time I enjoy flying. Similar to my client work, being in the cockpit provides an opportunity to manage many complex systems and situations, be calm under pressure, and appreciate the interdependencies of complex systems.

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