Paul Giedraitis, Principal

Paul is a financial technology entrepreneur and data analytics expert who specializes in building cutting-edge systems to solve challenging, domain-specific business problems.  He brings a wide range of technical and business management expertise as a startup co-founder, C-level executive, and product designer.  Paul has led teams of engineers and data scientists in development of next-generation technology solutions for numerous enterprise clients, including global financial institutions and government agencies.  He has over a decade of career experience across various industries including capital markets, banking compliance, algorithmic trading, international payments, and the defense/aerospace sector.  Paul’s most recent focus has been on augmented human intelligence applications that leverage machine learning and AI capabilities to help mitigate firm risks, improve operational efficiency, and drive organizational decision making.


Prior to joining Axiom, Paul was a co-founder of several FinTech ventures.  As COO of Neurensic, Paul oversaw an organizational transformation from professional services firm to technology product organization that pioneered the use of artificial intelligence in trade surveillance and market manipulation detection.  As co-founder of PeopleHedge, he implemented fundraising and go-to-market strategy efforts while helping develop patented foreign exchange hedging technologies for businesses engaged in international trade.  Before entering the FinTech startup space, he was an electronic systems engineer at Northrop Grumman Corporation where he designed radar countermeasures and imaging systems used in military platforms.  Paul currently serves as a board member and advisor for a number of startup companies in the financial technology, data analytics, and information retrieval spaces.


Paul holds a Master of Science and Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University.  He has spent several years as a part-time doctoral researcher at Northwestern University in the Center for Quantum Devices.

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Personal Note

I am fascinated with how decoding complex patterns of human interaction can help unlock performance potential within organizations.  From music to sports to small startups to huge enterprises, I’ve seen over and over the profound role that team chemistry can play in achieving greatness.

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