Marty Meltzer, Consultant

Marty is a Consultant at Axiom Consulting Partners. He brings four years of experience solving complex data-related problems using various tools and machine learning algorithms.

Marty’s role at Axiom involves transforming and visualizing client data in order to diagnose business problems and reveal trends of interest among variables. He implements highly customized visualizations and computations using Power BI and Python. These analyses help drive business transformation strategies for the clients of Axiom.

There are always insights that can be found in client data if you employ an effective approach to extracting them. Delivering a narrative to clients using the insights gathered through detailed analysis is the most rewarding part of being a data scientist.


Prior to joining Axiom Consulting Partners, Marty spent four years as a Data Scientist with Pareto Intelligence, where he helped clients in the health insurance industry extract value from their claims data. An area of focus for him was to examine the relationship between social and economic factors in the communities served by the clients and patient outcomes that may occur as a result of adverse living and working conditions.

Some of Marty’s career highlights include:

  • Predictive Modeling – developed a predictive model which identified what social and economic factors were associated with costly insurable events such as emergency room visits and chronic conditions using health insurer claims data.
  • Data Architecture – designed the databases and data ingestion pipelines for various analytical dashboards and products, including a platform that allowed users to easily visualize all Medicare Advantage plans and analyze plan attributes by geographic region.
  • Machine Learning – created a process to identify potential inaccuracies and missing diagnoses in claims data, enabling health insurers to address these gaps and receive more reimbursement through government risk adjustment funding.

Marty earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from the University of Michigan, and a Master of Data Science degree from Illinois Institute of Technology.

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