Kevin Andres, Manager

Kevin Andres is a Manager at Axiom Consulting Partners. He brings to the firm five years of data & analytics consulting experience across a variety of industries.

At Axiom, Kevin focuses on the use of advanced analytics and machine learning to help companies uncover hidden insights and grow their revenue.

In a world that’s racing to collect more data, people forget that we’ve instinctively been making data driven decisions for hundreds of years. I strive to reconcile the quantitative insights we can find and measure in large datasets with the natural analysis our clients are doing every day.


Prior to joining Axiom Consulting Partners, Kevin spent three years at Beghou Consulting where he helped life science companies grow their revenue and understand the important trends in their business by mining large datasets for insight and creating dashboards that could quickly and accurately convey those insights on a regular basis.

Kevin’s career highlights include:

  • Sales Force Effectiveness – maximized the coverage and impact of a pharmaceutical salesforce through more efficient targeting of health care providers. Using data, the team re-segmented and re-targeted the sales force increasing the prospective patients reached, effectively adding the impact of several FTEs without increasing headcount.
  • Pricing – using transaction data and regression analysis aided an enterprise software company in understanding the key drivers of value for their customers, highlighting segments where the existing pricing mechanisms were misaligned with customer value and the client was losing margin through lack of consistent and accurate pricing.
  • Revenue Growth – used machine learning to build a predictive model for a professional services firm to help them predict which of their clients were most likely to grow or decline significantly in fees, enabling them to focus limited business development time and energy on the clients that would have the greatest impact to their bottom line.

Kevin earned his BS in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Notre Dame, where he graduated with honors.

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