Ian Burke, Senior Consultant   

Ian utilizes his vast array of analytical capabilities and drive for comprehensive solutions aids businesses in realizing innovative strategic opportunities and sustainable solutions. Ian excels in breaking down complex analytical concepts into actionable business solutions that facilitate profitable growth and execution excellence.


Prior to joining Axiom Consulting Partners, Ian honed his data analytics capabilities through a series of research projects at DePaul University. These projects covered topics including long-run trend analysis of developing markets, impact analysis of transfer and taxation programs on income instability, and income clustering and classification.

Ian has experience working with large datasets and excels in leveraging complex analysis and modeling to create high impact solutions.


Ian graduated Summa Cum Laude from DePaul university with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics as well as minors in Math and Data Mining & Data Analysis. Ian was elected to the International Honor Society for Economics Omicron Delta Epsilon in 2017.

Contact Ian:

224.730.0459 · iburke@axiomcp.com

Personal Note

Complex problems often seem daunting on the surface. However, even the most daunting, multi-faceted situations can be broken down into simple components that can yield actionable business intelligence.

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