Ian Burke, Senior Consultant   

Ian is a Senior Consultant at Axiom Consulting Partners. He brings to the firm three years of data science consulting experience across a variety of industries with a focus on professional services.

At Axiom, Ian works in partnership with firms in designing and implementing pricing models, growth models, compensation models, employee development and deployment strategies, and comprehensive data strategies to better enable the achievement of strategic goals and visions. Ian applies an analytical approach based on data science and machine learning to develop cutting-edge solutions that leverage client data to create maximum impact for our clients and their people.

In today’s rapidly changing technical landscape it can be difficult to find insights into the ever-growing data haystack. The most enjoyable part of my work is partnering with my clients to sort through the noise and create a unified and insightful view of their data that in turn empowers data-backed strategy.


Prior to joining Axiom Consulting Partners, Ian honed his data analytics capabilities through a series of research projects at DePaul University. These projects covered topics including long-run trend analysis of developing markets, impact analysis of transfer and taxation programs on income instability, and income clustering and classification. Ian has experience working with large datasets and excels in leveraging complex analysis and modeling to create high-impact solutions.

Some of Ian’s career highlights include:

  • Sales Effectiveness – created an interactive application for hour-by-hour optimization of staffing allocation for a high-end retailer.
  • Professional Services Firms – developed an interconnected data structure to amalgamate disparate data sources and produce actionable insights and project future risk.
  • Firm Growth Strategy – leveraged predictive analytics to develop a tool to improve pricing decision making and a method of scoring clients based on their growth potential for a top 10 global law firm.

Ian earned his MS in Economics and Policy Analysis as well his BA in Economics from DePaul University. He is a winner of the 2020/2021 SIOP Machine Learning Competition on bias-aware hiring.

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