Hailey Kurtz, Graphic Designer

Hailey is a creator and advocate for right-brained thinking. Skilled in graphic design, illustration, and photo manipulation, she employs these capabilities with the Axiom Consulting Partners team in a multitude of ways, with a specialty in presentation design. Inspired by creative storytelling, she endeavors to create engaging and thought-provoking visuals. Her other areas of focus include designing, formatting, and updating firm communications while maintaining brand integrity.


Prior to joining Axiom Consulting Partners, Hailey worked for CNH Industrial as a Presentation Designer, where she was responsible for conceptualizing presentations for high-level audiences. Previously, she worked as a Product Designer for a wholesale manufacturing company creating office and home accessories.


Hailey received her education from the University of Iowa and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in three-dimensional design.

Contact Hailey:

312.989.3027   ·  hkurtz@axiomcp.com

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