Dave Kuhlman, Partner

Dave Kuhlman is a pragmatic problem solver who specializes in delivering strategic change to people-intensive businesses. With over 20 years of experience, Dave has worked with some of the leading professional firms in the world, improving collaboration and motivation, addressing strategic challenges and generally helping them continue to evolve competitively. Specifically, he has worked on everything from strategy clarification and organization structure to performance measurement, rewards, partnership agreements and the like. Dave is known for his direct but non-judgmental style that enables him to find common ground between firms and their people.


Prior to joining Axiom Consulting Partners, Dave spent the bulk of his career with Sibson Consulting, where he joined as an associate and, at various times, served as an office manager (twice), leader of the professional services practice, and as chief operating officer for the Sibson Division of the Segal Company (post acquisition). Additionally, Dave spent time at a client (Russell Reynolds Associates) as partner in charge of worldwide human resources. In this role, he was instrumental in improving RRA’s partnership model and standards, solidifying worldwide performance management, training, client feedback and upward feedback programs. He subsequently served as a Managing Director in the Recruiting practice, focusing on recruiting for and from professional firms.

Publications & Affiliations

Dave is the author of Leading Firms: How Great Professional Service Firms Succeed & How Your Firm Can TooHe writes and speaks frequently on management issues within professional service firms for such organizations as Kennedy Information (Consultants News, Research and Consulting Magazine), the AICPA, the National Law Journal and HR Magazine. Additionally, he serves as Human Resources Advisor to the Los Angeles Urban League and is the recipient of their Community Service Award. Dave is also a member of the Governing Board of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. The Bulletin believes that advances in science and technology should make life on Earth better, not worse. They equip the public, policy makers, and scientists with the information needed to demand, recognize, and support public policies that reduce man-made existential threats such as nuclear war, climate change, and disruptive technologies.


Dave has a BA degree in English literature from Washington University in St. Louis.

Contact Dave:

908.285.0619  ·  dkuhlman@axiomcp.com

Personal Note

Of course the interests of a firm making change and its people overlap. The problem is that the overlaps are complicated, changing and don’t necessarily connect with each other. We’re dealing with smart, articulate, opinionated people after all. It is our job to help our clients identify those overlaps, expand and connect them to create enduring change.

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