Alyssa Green, Consultant

Using her background in Industrial Organizational Psychology, Alyssa brings a behavioral science perspective to understand how individuals engage with their work and with each other. Her passion for data science and research methodology allows her to discover data-driven solutions to various organizational needs.


Before joining Axiom Consulting Partners as a consultant, Alyssa was an intern at Axiom working on data analytic initiatives. She has experience working on both applied and research projects.

She has been a graduate research assistant for multiple research labs at DePaul University, studying topics from teams and leadership, weight-based discrimination, sampling for research studies, and neuromarketing. Throughout these endeavors, Alyssa has conducted complex analyses, including organizational network analysis, relational event modeling, computational modeling, predictive analytics, natural language processing and text analytics.


Alyssa has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with Honors and she minored in Management and Business Administration from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. She is working to complete a Master of Arts degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from DePaul University. Her thesis explores team actions and interactions and how they contribute to team success.

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