InclusivX: Inclusion Analytics for Building a
More Inclusive Organization

InclusivX’s inclusion analytics uses data from tools your workforce uses every day, network science, and AI to help accurately and efficiently assess progress towards and risks attaining your organization’s inclusivity goals.

Build a More Inclusive Organization

Inclusion is the key to a thriving workplace and culture, especially in today’s hybrid work environment. InclusivX, powered by the Axiom Workplace Behaviors Engine, equips leaders with actionable inclusion analytics and insights to help diagnose, track and improve inclusion in your organization.

Using existing data from digital exchanges, InclusivX quickly and reliably assesses progress toward and risks to cohesive team creation and an inclusive organization, enabling leaders to proactively intervene and retain critical and diverse talent segments.

Our inclusion analytics helps leaders:

  • Identify at-risk individuals who are experiencing a lack of inclusion and intervene before they disengage and quit.
  • Identify where team cohesion is being challenged the most by hybrid work.
  • Illuminate inclusion “blind spots” for managers and leaders that require coaching.
  • Bring awareness and actionable focus to teams with dysfunctional norms that undermine cohesion.
  • Highlight opportunities to reduce silos across the organization and improve resilience, inclusion, and cohesion.

How InclusivX Works

Use Existing Enterprise Data

We securely extract anonymized meta-data from digital tools your team uses every day and integrate it with selected HR data.

Apply Network Science & AI Engine

We perform proprietary analytics based in network science and AI to uncover hidden patterns in the team’s daily interactions.

Improve Employee Experiences

We provide access to powerful and dynamic inclusion analytics used to enhance team cohesion, improve inclusion and create a thriving culture.

Watch InclusivX’s Inclusion Analytics in Action

Improve Your Inclusion Metrics

InclusivX diagnoses, tracks, and improves inclusion and cohesion by using data patterns that exist in the tools your employees use every day. By combining data from daily workplace interactions, HR, and organization data with our Axiom Workplace Behaviors Engine, we unlock deeper, less-biased, and more actionable insights that can replace or enhance inclusion surveys.

Representative Meta-Data Used by InclusivX:

Emails & Chats

The flow of information between individuals and teams.


Virtual or in-person gatherings identified in digital calendars.


Time with peers, managers, subordinates, and team members.

People & Organization

Data about individuals, roles, teams, and organization structures.

Representative Systems Connected to InclusivX:

About Us

We are a growth advisory and business transformation consultancy that helps clients unlock their potential using a unique combination of data science and behavioral science. Our team of psychologists, award-winning data scientists, and consultants are passionate about building cohesive and inclusive workplaces and believe strongly in using evidence-based solutions to create real and lasting impact. Our inclusion analytics work with clients has resulted in InclusivX, powered by the Axiom Workplace Behaviors Engine.