Strategy, Operating Model and Talent: Getting it Right

A holistic, integrated view of your strategy, organization and talent is critical to effective execution and long-term success. Axiom Consulting Partners’ President Garrett Sheridan shares perspectives on ensuring you calibrate for maximum results.

One of the challenges that companies experience with operating model changes and just in general with execution in is that they take a very sequential approach to various aspects of how they run the business.  For example, they might spend six months developing a strategy and be very happy with that strategy, and then start thinking about the right organization that needs to be in place to execute that strategy. We believe that the conversation about strategy and organization needs to be brought closer together, because often what happens is that you develop a strategy that looks great on paper but it’s completely inconceivable that your current organization and set of capabilities can execute that strategy.

So the first thing is taking a more holistic and integrated view on strategy and organization. And then obviously you can have a great strategy and a good organization, but if you don’t have the right people to execute you are going to come up short. So really thinking through the talent dimension, and as your strategy changes making sure you are adjusting the calibration between strategy, organization—or operating model—and the talent that executes in your business.

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