By Garrett Sheridan and  Juan Pablo Gonzalez


With rapid developments and shifts in the economy, technology, and customer expectations, businesses – even those that are widely regarded as successful – are often only one shock away from failure. Leaders spend countless hours trying to derive the perfect business strategy or organization design, only to be thrown off kilter by an unanticipated change. When faced with a crisis that puts a business in peril, some leaders make the mistake of turning to “quick fix” solutions, such as downsizing, divestiture, hiring a “savior” leader, or over-investing in the latest flavor-of-the month management consulting fad.

Long term success does not happen by accident. It happens when leaders are able to see what is going on in their businesses with absolute clarity and act with courage to ensure alignment between their business strategy, organization and talent. These leaders realize that by balancing focus and flexibility they can better prepare their businesses to respond to – or better yet, anticipate – change.

Unless you have a crystal ball, read this book! Shockproof provides practical insights from companies that successfully navigate our ever changing world.

— Marc Effron, Author of “One Page Talent Management

Axiom Consulting Partners’ Garrett Sheridan and Juan Pablo Gonzalez have helped the leaders of numerous companies such as AT&T, Intel, Pfizer, Sony, Nokia, American Express, Juicy Couture, and Qualcomm to better align business strategy, organization and talent to improve execution. Now with Shockproof, these experts will show you how to do the same. The authors combine their experiences and Axiom Consulting Partners’ proven approaches with the real stories of leaders who discovered the value of aligning strategy, organization design and talent long before “shockproofing” became a verb. The insights offered by these successful leaders make Shockproof both compelling and practical. You’ll find yourself finishing a chapter and thinking “That makes sense – we can do this too!”

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