Opportunity  |  A privately held technology company set challenging growth goals in the face of growing mid-market competition, relying on their ability to attract, retain and engage high-quality talent. In addition, there was channel conflict between how they segmented the markets and aligned opportunities to external implementors. Executives feared that total compensation and the growth plan design had lost alignment with the market. Perhaps most importantly, there was growing concern that the org structure and plan design did not appropriately drive the right behaviors, limiting the company’s ability to drive top-line growth.

Approach  |  To address the core issues, we:

  • Assessed the sales process, channel alignment and pay levels to external market to deliver a gap analysis on alignment to best practices and strategic objectives
  • Designed a set of compensation plans to drive the appropriate rep behaviors, addressing the unique needs of segments, verticals, and roles while aligning with company strategy
  • Created organization level channel map and compensation costing scenarios
  • Outlined the implementation roadmap, including communications materials and support for successful rollout

Results  |  The company raised the attractiveness of critical roles and better aligned its go-to-market strategy to its channel partners and alliances. It deployed compensation plans that properly aligned individual incentives with the company growth strategy, driving top-line revenue in an increasingly competitive market.

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