Opportunity  |  Building off a recently refined mission and strategic priorities, a nonprofit public policy organization wanted to conduct a comprehensive review of the organization’s structure. Our client was seeking to align its people, process, and systems to support the execution of strategy and deliver on the mission.

Approach  |  To translate the organization’s mission and strategic priorities into a new organization structure, we: conducted an assessment of the current organization structure to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities for improvement, and the magnitude of change required; translated and mapped the mission and strategic priorities into specific activities; assessed these activities based on current effectiveness and criticality to the mission to identify priorities for change in the new organization design; clarified which functions and core roles are accountable for key activities and defined the critical capabilities needed to be successful in these functions and core roles; and identified milestones and performance indicators to measure success for each function and core role.


  • An organization design that is clearly linked to and set up to support the organization’s mission and strategic priorities.
  • Clear areas of accountability, workflow, role expectations, and decision rights for the critical activities of the organization.
  • Identification of critical activities with capacity or capability gaps in the current workforce.

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