The term “transformation” has become a tired buzzword in leadership discussions, but the transformation that’s critically needed in the professional services industry still hasn’t materialized. Firms today face industry disruption at lightning speed and in multiple forms — commoditized services, pricing pressure, technological advancements, changing client demands, remote teams and subcontractors, and fresh competition from global sources and non-traditional service providers.

The winds of disruption stirring up the industry are well-recognized, as is the fact that these disruptions demand deep and abiding “cellular-level” change. However, the industry as a whole is failing to respond effectively.

Limiting factors are unfortunately common in established professional services firms:

  • Legacy operating models based on geographic orientation
  • Poor collaboration across practices and industries
  • Uncoordinated, ineffective internal initiatives with unclear ROI
  • A culture that resists change

If you add in sub-optimal internal operations — client-facing or back-office — your firm may be at risk of being left behind.

How do you ensure that your firm survives and thrives in a changing marketplace? Design and implement a clear plan for fundamental transformation.

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