How Organizations Should Think About Transformation 

What is driving your organization’s need to transform? And do you have the right leadership and workforce in place to successfully execute a large-scale change? Aaron Sorensen shares his thoughts on what organizations should be thinking about when considering transformation.

When clients tell me that they are interested in going through a transformation I often ask, “What’s driving that decision? What’s driving the need to transform?”  Most often it is a digital transformation, so in other words an organization believes that they need to leverage technology to be able to interact with their customers and create a different customer experience.  What I often find, too, is that when organizations think about transformation, they usually think about it in terms of technology. Digital transformation tends to be en vogue lately, but it’s really about changing a business model; changing how an organization operates.  And one of the things that I think is most challenging for organizations to be able to execute today is thinking about how you shape the organization and how you think about what workforce is needed in order to deliver that transformation.

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