Opportunity  |  The CEO of a prestigious Mid-Atlantic Academic Medical Center, comprised of several hospitals, clinics and a large physician practice group, recognized that success in an increasingly dynamic healthcare industry required a centralized Human Resources department that could support the execution of its strategic plans. Responsible for the recruiting, retention, compensation and workforce planning activities of a 10,000-person workforce, the Human Resources department needed to quickly evolve into a full partner with the rest of the system and provide the highest levels of service across a wide variety of employee populations, from physicians to janitorial staff.

Approach  |  We quickly conducted an in-depth analysis across the health system to understand the needs and expectations for Human Resource support. Along with interviews with more than 100 stakeholders, our team documented the current state of Human Resources activities and helped senior executives reach consensus on the highest value activities and the opportunities for the highest impact improvements. Quantitative analysis of a variety of data, from turnover to compensation, yielded additional fact-based insights. We also surveyed the Human Resources function to assess their readiness for change as the department shifted from a transactional and compliance-driven function to a full business partner.

Results   Six months after the start of the project, the Human Resources department has a framework and detailed work plan for implementing the cultural and process changes that will enable the team to provide world-class support to a world-class Academic Medical Center.

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