Opportunity  |  When the $300M division of a global technology company repeatedly missed its top- and bottom-line objectives, the new General Manager recognized that traditional cost-cutting and restructuring would be insufficient to execute the strategy and deliver sustainable and profitable growth.  A radical change in business strategy and organization design was needed to provide the division with a platform for  long-term success and to ensure execution excellence.

Approach  | Axiom Consulting Partners and the new GM took an in-depth look at the current strategy and organization. Their objective, fact-based analysis quickly determined that the business had failed to fully leverage its one-of-a kind, technical capabilities. These capabilities were never leveraged because of the division’s time-worn organizational design: the business was historically managed along product lines and reflected legacy acquisitions that were never truly integrated into the parent company. We helped the leadership team craft a strategy that moved the business from a product focus to a capabilities focus. Once complete, we worked alongside the GM and his staff to design and implement an organization that was fully capable of supporting the execution of the new strategy.

Some key elements of the work included: clarifying the value drivers of the new strategy and the specific changes in organization design that were needed to fully unlock this value; defining the most critical business processes associated with each value driver; re-defining the metrics by which to assess organization performance; re-defining the role of the leadership team to ensure it fully supported execution of the new strategy; restructuring the existing departments/product lines and key roles to drive greater collaboration, innovation and operational efficiency; creating a new governance model that improved the speed and quality of decision making; and deploying a change management strategy that addressed the significant concerns the organization had identified regarding the integration of legacy acquisitions and its potential impact on employee engagement, innovation, and key technical talent turnover.


  • The division achieved record results with all existing product lines performing at or above expectations and net profit targets exceeded
  • The newly designed commercial technology organization identified new business opportunities with the potential to provide double-digit top line growth and expected margins
  • Improved decision-making related to technical investment strengthened the technology pipeline, improved focus on the products and technologies that matter most, and delivered target IRR
  • Reduced costs were realized through greater manufacturing efficiencies
  • The division exceeded its retention targets for top technical talent

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