Opportunity  |  A $500 million privately held software company recently acquired by a private equity firm expected their new acquisition to double its growth rate and do it profitably. The 200 person sales force was characterized by high turnover, a disproportionate volume of sales driven by a few star performers, outdated account ownership rules and missing the information needed to understand the true revenue potential within each of their market.

Approach  |  Deep analytics were the cornerstone of Axiom’s approach to improve the performance of the sales force. Account assignments were modified based on actual buyer behavior. By looking at historical transaction data about product penetration and sales success in the context of 19 million potential customers sales potential was calculated more accurately. Using a combination of new account ownership rules, mapping software and calculations of potential value by geography, management was able to set aggressive yet obtainable quotas for the sales force. The field sales teams were empowered with a Web-based tool to manage account coverage more efficiently.


  • Consistent 15% quarter-over-quarter sales increase.
  • Lower overall cost per sale delivering higher contribution margins
  • 200% increase in penetration of middle-market prospects, a key growth segment.
  • Revenue doubled within six years.

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