A publicly-traded enterprise SaaS company had experienced strong growth due to regulatory and technological tailwinds. As a result, sales leadership had not been forced to systematically define and segment the market. The salesforce was largely content to nurture and expand existing relationships; well over 50% of revenue growth was coming from existing customers. As a result, sales leadership did not have visibility into their addressable market and could not optimally align their sales force against high-potential growth opportunities.


Market Landscape Definition

To improve the company’s visibility into their addressable market, Axiom analyzed proprietary data sets to identify, categorize, and score hundreds of thousands of target company records based on a variety of company characteristics. Axiom also helped the client to better characterize the corporate “family trees” of target companies to identify relationships between various entities.

TAM and Market Penetration

Axiom then worked with the company’s own CRM records to measure the company’s success in penetrating certain market segments, as well as identifying high-opportunity pockets of the market to pursue. The last step was to operationalize the findings by supporting the loading of new records into the CRM.


  • Increased number of records in CRM by 400%
  • Measured market “white space,” confirming that there was significant room for growth with current product portfolio
  • Recommended priority industries where Company was under-indexed vs. overall market size
  • Increased visibility into market provided basis for sales force realignment and territory design

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