Opportunity  |  A not-for-profit membership organization had set aggressive growth and expansion goals to achieve its vision of becoming the premier global network for its members. To accomplish these goals the organization needed a consistent process to effectively develop member chapters around the world that would provide a common experience, that was tailored to address geographic variance in needs and allocate headquarter resources across these chapters.

Approach  |  The Axiom Consulting Partners team worked with a global advisory council of members and senior leaders to create a chapter development model that:

  • Outlined the four stages of chapter development (Candidate, Growth, Established, Flagship).
  • Established membership growth targets and determined staff and resource allocation during each stage, with chapters expected to become more self-sustaining as they grow.
  • Clarified the importance of establishing chapters at a city-area level (rather than country or region level) to enable strong local connections with members and establish a local reputation to aid new member acquisition.
  • Developed a clear path for a chapter to become a flagship chapter and then mentor newer chapters, thereby contributing to the organization’s global success.
  • Set high standards for chapter governance across all stages, such as board composition and board term limits.


  • Greater clarification for chapter leaders about what it takes to be a successful chapter, at any stage of development.
  • Clear, consistent criteria facilitates the process of selecting and investing in the development of new chapters.
  • Stronger focus and re-prioritization of headquarters resources toward chapter development activities that best contribute to the organization’s global expansion goals.

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