Opportunity  |  A data security company was not closing sales as effectively as in the past and was having trouble with customer retention. It needed to shift from a more generalist model to having more defined and specialized sales roles to improve market coverage from a sales and account management standpoint. Due to some regrettable turnover, the company also needed to attract and maintain top sales talent.

Approach  | To address the core issues, we:

  • Built a career path to illustrate the progression within sales, including job titles
  • Created success profiles for the positions which described the nature of the work, expectations, accountabilities and technical and leadership competencies
  • Developed a sales technical competency model for sales force
  • Created interview guides and embedded an assessment tool to assist talent acquisition function for sourcing new candidates

Results |  The company was able to find, hire, and assimilate new talent to aid its growth objectives. It saw lower turnover of existing staff and higher quota attainment. Equipped with an understanding of critical behaviors from the success profiles and a streamlined, guided interview process, the company was also able to lower the time it take to fill open requisitions.

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