Opportunity  | An insurance company historically allowed its agencies to manage themselves with no formal succession plan structure. The company needed to bring more consistency in how it allocated its sales force to better serve its customers through territory design. It also needed to improve the number of newly hired sales representatives that could eventually become career agents. While there was a focus on overall growth of book size, the company needed sales representatives to improve cross-selling new products in certain markets and new customer acquisition in others.

Approach  | To meet the company’s goals, we:

  • Consolidated field offices, leadership personnel, and further centralized agency support to home office
  • Conducted a sales role assessment and outlined the sales process
  • Created success profiles for the sales positions which described the nature of the work, expectations, accountabilities and technical competencies
  • Built a sales competency model to improve representative hiring and understand development needs
  • Redesigned pay an incentive programs to align to business priorities

Results | The company was able to restructure its agencies to improve overall profitability. The human capital programs drove motivation and improved representative productivity by lowering the time to serve customers.

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