An OTC pharmaceutical company sought to evaluate their existing customer segmentation model and develop a new hospital channel to provide access to a $47M revenue market segment. The existing channel segmentation model had overlapping territories and didn’t fully accommodate for differences in buying behaviors between different types of hospitals. Further, the company needed guidance on identifying and prioritizing hospitals and other institutions for partnership.


Prospect Scoring

Identified and applied a prospect scoring methodology to rank ~5,000 hospital targets spanning ~500 networks

Pursuit Team Standup

Designed and supported the stand up of a new institutional channel team consisting of six reps. Designed sales motions, defined roles and responsibilities, and supported capacity analysis and quota setting for channel reps.

Career Track

Established a new “channel management” career track that provides an alternative for high-achieving sales reps who do not want to pursue the traditional management tract


The company unlocked a new revenue stream by deploying dedicated reps against the highest value hospital and institutional partners in their target geographies. The institutional sales channel achieved 200%-400% unit price improvement and generated strong revenue growth.


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