Opportunity  |  A <$500M luxury retailer was repositioning its approach to drive consistency with the selling ceremony and motivation for the employees. The retailer wanted to create a more intimate sales experience but had difficulty attracting sales people with established books of business. The company felt that the lack of collaboration and teamwork was keeping the brand from moving towards store success.

 Approach  |  To address the retailer’s concerns, we:

  • Created success profiles for the positions which described the nature of the work, expectations, accountabilities and technical competencies.
  • Assessed pay competitiveness and developed sales incentive plans to motivate teams around new behaviors
  • Developed and implemented store pilot models
  • Supported management and communication initiatives to drive change

Results | The pilot programs showed a sharp increase in EBITDA. Redesigning sales incentives allowed the retailer to attract and retain quality associates. New expectations for sales associates also enabled the brand to pursue the desired customer experience, acquire new clientele, and sell more to current customers.


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