Opportunity  |  A prominent regional banking organization faced significant growth challenges stemming from an undifferentiated position in the market. The challenges related to its lack of differentiation were compounded by a lack of clear customer or employee value proposition, inadequate leadership bench strength and new pressures associated with a recent IPO.

 Approach  |  We worked collaboratively with the bank’s Executive Leadership Team on several engagements that spanned a total of seven years. During that time, we developed a differentiated positioning strategy that would help the bank stake its place in the market. To drive the strategy internally, we identified linkages between engagement, customer experience and financial metrics, and implemented methods for continuous monitoring. To enable the long-term success of the strategy, we developed a leadership development and succession planning program to build a strong bench of leadership talent to drive continued business performance.


  • The bank saw a 9% increase in employee engagement over a three-year period by implementing recommendations that surfaced from the work.
  • A 40% increase in assets under management during the same timeframe resulted in the bank consistently outperforming comparable banks in total return to shareholders.

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