Opportunity  |  In order to execute a strategy of building alliances for specialty care delivery and refocus on its core clinical services, a large regional AMC invested in a new inpatient facility with a joint venture partner with a 130-year history in physical rehabilitation services. The joint venture would provide a destination for top-level care while leveraging the advanced research and innovative clinical training within the academic medical center and the rehabilitation hospital’s brand prominence. Essential to success was retaining the best talent from both organizations to ensure clinical staff continuity in a highly competitive healthcare talent market.  The challenge was to reconcile significantly different employment brands and value propositions, as well as other HR structures and programs such as talent acquisition, job architecture, compensation, and benefits in order to ensure retention of critical clinical talent and create a seamless employee experience in the transition to the new entity.

 Approach  |  To address these challenges, Axiom Consulting Partners:

  • Completed due diligence between the legacy organizations to determine which workforce programs and services should be developed, and in what sequence, to deliver on key capabilities needed in the JV
  • Connected and aligned the JV’s mission and competitive priorities to the best aspects of the legacy organizations’ talent programs
  • Assessed employee data to determine optimal staffing levels and critical workforce capabilities needed to identify and select employees for transition to the new organization
  • Clarified HR decision rights and a governance framework that established a JV role structure and accountabilities to facilitate seamless integration in the delivery of talent and workforce programs


  • Ensured success of the innovative clinical practice model by implementing a talent acquisition strategy to fast-track conversion of key talent from both organizations and achieve <10% position vacancy rate
  • Attracted practitioners seeking to deliver a superior experience and outcomes for rehabilitation patients and their families by implementing leading practice
  • Delivered competitive total rewards and market-based compensation practices and pay progression for mission-critical roles, reducing turnover risk and talent gaps, especially in highly-competitive nursing specialties
  • Established a workforce strategy for scaling the talent portfolio over time with the growth of the business

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