Opportunity  |  A $2B plastics and resins company operating in more than 30 countries had recently reorganized around its three major business units. The company was experiencing flat to little growth. The reorganization made it crucial for the company to align its global sales organization around its new business imperatives.

Approach  |  To achieve this alignment, we:

  • Sized all the positions globally using a job-leveling approach
  • Assessed pay competitiveness and created compensation structures
  • Created success profiles for the positions which described the nature of the work, expectations, accountabilities and technical & leadership competencies
  • Built a career path to illustrate the progression within sales
  • Developed a new sales incentive plans to align teams around the business unit structure and business objectives

Results |  The company’s top line sales grew over 12% and its gross profit increased by 3.4%. The company also saw reduced turnover as a result of the changes. Performance management between individual contributors and superiors improved and the company was able to better serve its customers.

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