Opportunity  | A $5B Retailer was experiencing relatively flat sales growth. Though declining store traffic played a small role in the issue, the stores themselves had improper floor coverage, particularly around peak hours. The store associates needed to be versatile enough to conduct the necessary variety of store roles while also better serving customers. The retailer retained us to help design store roles, set new expectations, and reward performance to increase customer satisfaction.

Approach  | To address the retailer’s issues, we:

  • Articulated and developed a sales model, labor model, and talent profile for all stores
  • Conducted a store role assessment and outlined the sales process
  • Built a career path to illustrate the progression within store roles
  • Developed sales incentive plans to motivate teams around new behaviors and adjusted pay-mix

Results  |  The retailer saw a 4% increase in store sales revenue during pilots after implementing our processes and models. The store associates also increased their engagement after the career path rollout, resulting in better customer service and satisfaction.