Opportunity  |  An innovative moving and storage company set ambitious growth objectives over the next five years which hedged on their ability to attract, retain and engage high-quality talent. The company, however, did not have a sufficiently articulated and differentiated employee value proposition that would resonate universally with the employee populations and geographies needed to enable growth.

 Approach  |  To address these challenges, we collaborated with the company’s Senior Leadership and Human Resources teams to:

  • Determine the relative importance and effectiveness of EVP components, and develop a range of EVP options that would create the most impact
  • Design an experience map that articulates the EVP at various “moments of truth” to enhance the employee experience
  • Develop an attractive and differentiated employment brand and guidelines for tailoring EVP messaging to reach key talent segments
  • Assess progress of employee engagement and determine actions required to improve talent retention and engagement



  • Investments in the employee experience helped to drive a 3% improvement in engagement in one year, positioning the company 14% higher than industry average
  • Raised the visibility and attractiveness of the employment brand to critical talent segments through tailored EVP messaging
  • Built internal capability to monitor progress and conduct targeted analyses to inform talent related decisions

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