Opportunity  |  One of the largest beverage importers in the US was challenged to gain market share in a highly competitive and regulated market that was plateauing or declining. The company was operating in a talent advantaged business where a majority of revenue could be directly tied to employee performance. However, there was a lack of clarity around how to engage, retain and attract the high-quality talent necessary to grow the business.

 Approach  |  To address these challenges, Axiom:

  • Generated valuable insights by analyzing relationships between sales and demographic trends, marketing investments and sales growth, and account size and influence over consumer preference
  • Estimated market potential and penetration, re-assigned accounts, re-organized the sales team around four regions, and then designed and deployed regional sales teams based on the unique characteristics of each region
  • Conducted analyses to understand the correlation between engagement, employee performance and revenue
  • Developed an attractive and differentiated Employee Value Proposition aligned with the Customer Value Proposition to increase employment brand prominence and visibility to Sales roles
  • Designed strategic career paths and a high potential talent program to enhance the employee experience and ensure appropriate leadership bench strength to support a high performing business


  • The renewed focus on sales team engagement and effectiveness and regional go-to-market approach resulted in a 6% increase in year-over-year sales during a year where industry sales were flat.
  • Stellar company performance resulted in a high-profile acquisition the following year.



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