Opportunity  |  A Fortune 500 company moved from a country-led operating model to one that had integrated global functions. This transition prompted leadership to reevaluate its positions as the responsibilities and accountabilities changed. The company needed to assess roles and pay levels globally to ensure the success of the new operating model.

Approach  |  To address the company’s concerns, we:

  • Sized all positions globally using a job-leveling approach
  • Created a hierarchy of roles so the company could better understand the various spans/layers
  • Assessed pay competitiveness and created salary structures
  • Facilitated executive workshops to review analysis and preliminary recommendations; the finalized approach incorporated feedback from these workshops
  • Supported management and communication initiatives to drive change
  • Trained HR team on how to use tools and insights from the project to support the organization

Results |   Our solutions for restructuring allowed the company to accommodate its global business and functional needs, which led to improved management of compensation expense. These improvements also enabled the company to better allocate pay towards higher performers and critical roles.


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