Opportunity  |  Forty-two percent turnover in the front-line sales team was costing a $6 billion high tech company $30 million annually.  High levels of turnover were bleeding the company of top talent, leaving critical roles vacant for extended periods of time and crippling their ability to execute the sales growth strategy. With very aggressive growth objectives the company needed to add an additional 650 salespeople – and get them productive quickly and ensure effective execution of the go-to-market strategy.

Approach  |  Our diagnosis of the root causes of sales force turnover revealed that salespeople were most likely to leave six months or 18 months after joining the company. This was often because the company was not hiring the right people into the right roles. Axiom helped management design and execute new and improved processes for sourcing, screening and selecting the right hires, including: assessing the true skills and experience required for success; expanding the sourcing pool to find more qualified candidates. refining the selection process by adding new assessment criteria and realistic job previews to ensure candidates understood expectations; engaging managers in selecting candidates and then holding those managers accountable for retaining salespeople.


  • Sales force turnover decreased by 17% in year one and another 9% in year two.
  • The annual cost of turnover was cut in half, saving an estimated $15 million in the first year.
  • By hitting recruiting goals the company was able to increase revenue and improve the sales performance of new salespeople by bringing in better quality talent that could hit the ground running.

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