Opportunity  |  In support of its strategic plan, a US-based not-for-profit professional association needed to grow profitably internationally to maintain their market leadership. Already serving professionals in more than 75 countries, the organization needed a consistent method for evaluating and investing in new markets.

Axiom’s Approach  |  In order to determine if and when to invest in developing a geographic market, the Axiom Consulting Partners team worked with senior leaders to develop and adopt a disciplined process that:

  • Outlined the decision points in determining if and when to invest in a geographic market, represented by a series of five gates, requiring passage of one before moving on to the next.
  • Conducted a new market entry assessment for markets using these five gates:
    1. There is a fit between the market needs and the organization’s capabilities;
    2. The barriers to entry are manageable;
    3. Prominent global companies are present in the market;
    4. The market has an existing base of current/prospective members;
    5. High economic growth expected in the market.
  • Based upon these criteria and extensive research, identified two high-priority markets that currently pass all five gates, two medium-priority markets that are likely to pass all gates in the short term, and one low-priority market that is unlikely to pass all gates in the short term.

Results  |

  • Stronger alignment of senior leaders, staff, and the board around where the organization should expand outside the US.
  • Better allocation of resources toward the markets that will best position the organization for continued relevance and impact.
  • A clear path forward for deployment of resources and funding toward chapter development in high priority markets.

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