Supply chain risk, material cost volatility, availability of skilled resources, process automation and global competition are among the many forces creating headwinds for industrial companies. Working from the boardroom to the shop floor, we help manufacturers and distributors determine where and how to grow in new and existing markets, increase operational efficiency, boost profitability, and enhance market relevance and competitiveness.


Energy companies are all too familiar with transformation. The sector has seen dramatic change over the last few decades from industry deregulation, a complete upheaval in the commodity markets and now the green revolution. Fuel prices, regulation, and public opinion are actively shifting the industry away from nuclear, coal and oil and towards natural gas, wind, solar, and other alternative sources. We help our clients think differently about how to thrive in this new environment by zeroing in on their growth strategy, their approach to energy development and supply and on how to deliver ancillary services that boost revenue with enhanced margins.

We help industrial and energy companies develop strategic responses to the many business challenges they face today but also to build the capabilities they need to anticipate and more effectively respond to the changes that are coming tomorrow. Our work focuses on go-to-market strategy, product / service development and rationalization, operating model alignment, workforce planning and deployment, as well as talent acquisition, development and retention.

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