Inclusion is the Key to Unlock the Results for Diversity and Equity.

What if you could create sustained impact for DE&I through strategies based in data and behavioral science? Our analytics platform creates sophisticated, valid, and actionable insights about inclusion using data generated by tools teams use every day.

How It Works


We securely extract anonymized meta-data from digital tools your team uses every day and integrate it with selected HR data.


We perform proprietary analytics based in network science and AI to uncover hidden patterns in daily interactions related to inclusion.


We provide access to powerful and dynamic analytics that can be used to develop targeted and high-impact diversity and inclusion strategies.

Looking to demystify DE&I using science
and actionable metrics?

Our inclusion dashboard analyzes individual, team, and organizational networks to provide customized insights related to DE&I.

  • Identify individuals who are experiencing less inclusion before they disengage.
  • Illuminate inclusion “blind spots” for managers and leaders, and coach to build more inclusive relationships.
  • Bring awareness and actionable focus to teams with dysfunctional norms that undermine inclusion.
  • Highlight opportunities to reduce tribalism and silos across the organization and improve agility, resilience, and inclusion.

Conventional Approaches are Flawed

Surveys are invasive, time-intensive, and notoriously biased for measuring perceptions of inclusion.

We combine data from daily interactions in the workplace with HR and organization data to unlock deeper, less-biased, and more actionable insights.

Emails & Chats

The flow of information between individuals and teams.


Virtual or in person gatherings identified in digital calendars.


Time with peers, managers, subordinates, and team members.

People & Organization

Data about individuals, roles, teams, and organization structures.

Technologies We Connect to Turn Data Into Insights

Questions Our Analytics Address

Our analytics helps you address the real underlying questions with facts, such as:

  • How inclusive is our organization? Where does tribalism hold back our efforts to be more inclusive and diverse?
  • Do employees from underrepresented groups have less access to leaders that can help launch their careers?
  • What are the organizational dynamics that challenge women and people of color to integrate into our culture? Where are these challenges most acute?
  • What is the demographic makeup of key influencers in our organization and how might that be holding back (or accelerating) our success with DE&I strategies?
  • How mobile is talent from underrepresented groups and what connections can be made to facilitate better movement?

About Us

Axiom Consulting Partners is a growth advisory and transformation consultancy that helps clients transform their organizations using a unique combination of data science and behavioral science. Our team of psychologists, engineers, data scientists and consultants are passionate about DE&I and believe strongly in using evidence-based solutions to help our clients create real and lasting impact.